There are countless individuals who have no financial options for their livelihoods. Every day they struggle to make ends meet with only a small amount of money standing between them and a sustainable future.  Empowered Poor brings opportunity where it’s needed most.

Empowered Poor is impassioned to combat the root causes of poverty. The enterprising poor are entitled to the same resources as every determined entrepreneur–access to capital and practical training.

EP offers a holistic approach to micro-lending which begins with the U.S. board and our staff in India who approve individual loan requests from the marginalized and poor. Often, these candidates are female entrepreneurs in impoverished areas looking for a small loan but are unable to secure them through conventional means.

Our micro-lending program provides the opportunity to start and implement individual or family owned businesses. As clients repay their loans, the funds are recycled into new loans, thus multiplying the number of at risk people who can begin their journey from poverty to purpose. This recycling of loans creates a micro-finance ripple effect. Since the basic principal of micro-lending is to aid people who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a loan, the cycle of poverty is continuously broken while building thriving communities.